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The Centurion is a Tech13 product which encompasses a set of IT services managed and delivered through a model known as Managed IT Services.

Traditionally, IT services are delivered via the Break-Fix model – a reactive model focuses on fixing issues as they occur and fails to prevent issues from happening.

In contrast, the Managed IT Services model of service delivery is all about monitoring, proactively maintaining, securing, and supporting IT systems to avoid failures and minimize downtime.

The product offers three levels of services: Essentials, Standard and Premium. It is paid for by a monthly subscription fee and can be terminated at any time by giving a two-month notice.

All three service plans offered by this product are governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which lists the services and defines their parameters such as response times and delivery schedules.
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The number of organizations transitioning to Managed Services has been rapidly increasing. Some of the key reasons driving this transition are:
Roughly 15 years ago, majority of small and medium sized Enterprises (SME) had their business processes either independent from IT systems or used these systems in a few key areas of their business where needed most. Today, IT systems are organizations’ backbone providing the necessary speed, efficiency, automation, communication, and productivity required to compete and grow in the current global and competitive markets.

Accordingly, the performance and availability of these systems moved to the foreground and demanded a constant management and maintenance that the Break-Fix model cannot deliver due to its reactive nature.
The constant increase in network complexity, number of connected devices, types of devices, software integration, to list a few, increased the complexity of IT ecosystems, their protection and management.

It is a fact that the more complex the systems get the more they become insecure and susceptible to failure. The only way to address them is through continuous monitoring, management, and maintenance which the reactive Break-Fix model is not equipped for.
Whether you are aware or not, hackers and malicious bots are constantly attacking systems trying to penetrate them for various reasons, such as ransom demands or preparing a platform for launching cyber-attacks.

Contrary to common understanding, the sole reliance on Antivirus and Antimalware applications is not sufficient; This is true for many reasons; one example is the fact that some malware is capable of disabling them and then perform their malicious acts.

Therefore, the only way to safeguard against these and other types of security breaches is constant monitoring, patching, and rapid intervention; none of which can be delivered under the Break/Fix model.


Unlike the Break-Fix model, our interest is aligned with yours. In other words, outages, disasters, and other problems are no longer the source of our income. It is in our interest to prevent outages and keep your systems secure and efficient.
Since the product is a Flat Fee based model, you will be able to easily and accurately budget for your IT needs for any length of time. Furthermore, the regular reporting, meetings and planning we provide, help you to continuously assess your IT assets, their life cycle, and future needs. This in turn helps you to better prepare a timely and accurate budgeting for projects and capital expenditure.
  • The subscription fee is based on discounted hourly rates, resulting in cost savings on support services and maintenance.
  • Eliminating or heavily discounting hourly rates helps eliminate your need to impose time constraints on us to reduce cost, hence allowing us to spend the proper time needed to deliver quality support, resulting in a better workmanship at no additional cost.
  • Also, having unlimited support or discounted hourly rates, makes you less hesitant to request support when required, thereby ensuring a better productivity for your employees since their issues are addressed in a timely manner and cost effectively.

Sample benefits to consider:

  • Continuous monitoring of your network, servers, and the cloud allow us to take immediate action when incidents are detected and thereby preventing issues from escalating to major disasters.
  • All systems, including yours, have parts that will degrade in performance over time, causing them to slow down, hang up, and crash. This model enables us to perform maintenance tasks when needed and as often as needed, at no extra cost, reducing downtime and ensuring that your systems are always running at peak efficiency.
  • Cyber criminals don’t sleep, and they are always attempting to infiltrate systems, including yours. Therefore, cybersecurity is not a one of product, it is a non-stop process, which requires ongoing monitoring and prompt intervention against possible threats that only can be delivered through managed services. Furthermore, we regularly receive security bulletins and updates which provide us with a wealth of knowledge on the latest threats, security weaknesses, and affective solutions. In turn, we use this knowledge to constantly patch, strengthen, and shield your system against potential cyber-attacks.

Our management system allows us to access almost all devices on your network remotely. Engineers will be able, in a very short time, diagnose and repair most of the issues right from our offices, eliminating time spent on scheduling and travel, thereby increasing response time.

The subscription fee is like a retainer that enable us to have the right number of engineers and proper resources to address your support requests with high availability and priority.

With the cost of a monthly subscription fee, your organization will enjoy the services of a whole IT department, something only large organizations can afford. Keep in mind, this gives you access to highly experienced engineers with vast accumulated knowledge covering most, if not all your IT needs.



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