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Business & Home Users: We offer a wide range of technical workshop services catering for both home and business users. All the services are provided at reasonable prices and time frames.
Insurance: We have partnerships with various NZ insurance companies, allowing us to provide assessment reports and repair quotes on your behalf
Contracts: We also offer long-term contracts for a large number of repair/assessment jobs governed by detailed and short time-frame SLAs.
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Apple: We are certified Apple Independent Repair provider, which allows us to have access to Apple’s diagnostics, device details and genuine parts. We repair & configure the full range of Apple devices from iMacs, MacBooks to iPhones and iPads.
Windows: We have all the expertise needed to repair, configure, and upgrade Windows-based devices such as laptops, desktops, and gaming stations. We have a large number of suppliers to source the needed genuine parts.
Android: We can repair and configure various brands of Android-based devices such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Oppo and Nokia.
Gaming Consoles: Play Station, Nintendo, and Xbox repairs.



Damaged Screen, Keyboard, and Touchpad Repair/Replacement
Power issues, such as battery reset/replacement or charging port repair
Sound issues with speakers or headphone jack
Antenna and connectivity issues
Storage issues with sim cards, memory cards or hard drives
Mobile phone damaged cover replacement
Liquid damage issues such as sticky buttons or general malfunction
Hardware upgrades such as memory and hard drives
A general device WOF and hardware cleanup to increase lifetime and efficiency


Diagnose and resolve Operating System and Software issues
Configure or upgrade Operating System or software
Resetting device to default settings


Virus and malware detection and removal
Data recovery
Data backup
Data transfer between devices
Data wiping and resetting devices with full erasure certificate


You can place an enquiry with us through our online form or call us on 0800 944 844 and our team will get in touch with you. Once we get to the root of the issue, you can book a job and start the process.
After you book your device, our staff will discuss with you on how to deliver the device to our workshop for assessment.

Once the engineers assessed the device, we will send you an assessment report and a quote with completion time frame. Once approved, we will send you an invoice to clear the payment and queue the job.

Our technicians will carry out all the necessary repairs and make sure that your device is fully functional and tested. This shall be done within 24-48 hours. In case we must order the required parts from overseas, we will let you know the estimated time and will keep you in loop.

After completion of the job and ensuring that the device is up to date, our team will contact you to arrange how and when the device will be collected.


Depending on the nature of the issue, most of the jobs are completed on the same day, some within 48 hours and few might take longer depending on parts’ availability. It would also depend on the time it has been collected or delivered to our collection point.

It can take up to a day, for smaller repairs or a little longer depending on if parts need to be ordered for your device. We have stock for most frequently serviced devices and have both local and national suppliers. We always attempt to order your parts through Special Delivery for a speedy turn around.
All our repairs are carried out in ESD protected environments, which allows us to ensure that the repair is carried out with the focus on the safety of your device and our technicians. We strictly follow ISO-9001 quality management standards and continually aim to improve on our repair methodology to provide you with an outstanding repair service.

Our assessment fee is nonrefundable, and it will go towards the cost of repairing the device if it is repairable, otherwise, the fee is used to cover the cost of assessment time and labor. This is the case even when the customer cancels the job, or we discover that the device is non repairable.

You can deliver your device to us either by dropping it at our workshop or sending it by courier. In the same manner, you can either personally collect the device or use the courier. In special cases, we will pick up and deliver back the device charging a basic fee to cover travel time.

We offer a one year, 6-month, or 3-month warranty on our repair jobs depending on the nature of the device and the nature of the job. If there are any issues, then please contact us to offer you a hassle-free support or refund depending on the nature of the fault.

As part of the diagnostics and repair process, and for various reasons, such as electrical short, or part damage the data stored on the device might get corrupted or erased.

Data can also be lost for a wide variety of other reasons, for example, problems affecting the hard disk drive(s), virus or spyware infections, corruption of data files and/or folders, the need to reformat a drive, rest the device, or reinstall the operating system.

Accordingly, in no circumstances, whatsoever, Tech 13, its directors and/or employees will accept any responsibility or liability of loss of data of any nature such as, pictures, video, documents, software, credentials, and settings nor accept any direct or indirect consequential personal or business lose attributed to such loss of data.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you discuss this issue with our staff and either backup all data before delivering the device to us or request a complete backup by our specialized software and expertise.

In case of resting the device, requesting a complete destruction of the device, and/or wiping all data, a disclaimer document must be signed by the customer requesting such services.

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